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April 2nd, 2008 by Ken

The City of Olympia is planning to build a fourth fire station on Lilly Road at a cost to the taxpayers of about $16 million.  Despite the fact that fire calls make up less than 8 percent of all emergency calls, and despite the fact that there is no money to staff the fire station, the City of Olympia plans to move ahead.  Taxpayers will foot the bill for this “memorial to bygone days.”

And, while we’re on the subject, Olympia City Manager Steve Hall has been quoted as saying, that a levy lid lift is NOT an increase in property taxes.  I hope Hall was quoted wrong and that the reporter – for The Olympian – Mike Batcheldor, didn’t know the difference.  If you allow Olympia to have a levy lid lift, it raises your property taxes from $1.99 per thousand to $2.22 per thousand.  That sure sounds like a property tax increase to me.

I don’t think the City of Olympia has made a case for building a fourth fire station and I think voters in Olympia should think long and hard before granting the city’s tax increase.

The City of Tumwater is reviewing its procedures in light of the fact that some 150 city trees have been topped or pruned along major roadways in the city.  Some suggest that property owners may be at fault while others point the finger at Puget Sound Energy.

I know for a fact that Puget Sound Energy cannot be the culprit.  It just received an award from the National Arbor Day Foundation for its quality tree care practices.  With Arbor Day on April 9, it wouldn’t be prudent to accuse PSE of causing the problem.

And you have to give credit for single-mindedness to the burglars who broke into two local businesses recently and stole nothing but beer.  Of course, they broke a $1500 windown to get the $20 worth of beer.  That’s just plan stupid.

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