Stop a significant power rate increase

July 14th, 2022 by Ken

Electricity, natural gas and other generating and distributing products are controlled by the State Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC).  When the power company wants to increase your rates, they petition the UTC for permission.   The UTC then requires utility companies to notify their customers.  If there isn’t major concerns expressed by users of the power, the state then authorizes the power company to increase the rates it charges customers.

Currently Puget Sound Energy(PSE) has asked for a rate increase across the board of about 17 percent over the next three years with about 14 percent of that increase coming next year.

PSE is required to notify customers and allow them to have a say in those increases.

A 14 percent rate increase is a significant burden for many customers of PSE.  If you want to have your say, you can contact the the UTC at   You can also contact PSE at – –  It’s also possible to submit written comments to Customer Care PO Box 97034, Bellevue,WA  98009-9734.

If significant consumer comments are opposed, it’s possible the UTC will lower the proposed increase.  If not, you will pay significantly more next year and for two years after that.


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