We have too many old elected officials

April 22nd, 2022 by Ken

Mike Kreidler isn’t a racist.  And, I’m sure that any inappropriate comments he may have made were unintentional.  Mike has just one fault.  He’s been a public elected official since the 1970’s.  That too long for any one person to serve as a representative of the people.

He’s also 78 years of age.  Like many of our current elected officials – – Patty Murray comes to mind – – he’s just too damn old.  I say that with a heavy heart.  Just being old isn’t any reason to turn someone out of office.  But, being old has one drawback – – it’s difficult to keep up with a changing society.

I should know.  I’m 79 and still writing.   But, there’s a difference.  Being an elected official has one responsibility that I don’t have.  An elected official must represent all of his/her constituents and keep up with their changing make-up.   All I represent is myself and my own view points.

Don’t think the public, and particularly Washington state voters don’t take age into consideration.

A few decades ago, Washington state was well-served by a powerful Democratic Senator – –  Warren G. Magnuson.  After nearly a half century of service  – the voters turned him out of office.

There is a time limit on elected officials.  Murray’s up this year.  Kreidler has two more years left to serve.  He’s not on the ballot this time.    In two years, I wouldn’t want to run on any ticket that has an 81-year old man at the top.  That’s how old Joe Biden will be in two years.   If he’s re-elected, he’ll be 82.

Modern medicine may extended our life expectancy, but it doesn’t do a damn thing to keep our mind young.

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