When should an elected official resign?

February 19th, 2015 by Ken

I voted for Sue Gunn for Olympia Port Commissioner.   I thought she was the right candidate for the job.   She promised to wean the port off of public subsidies and said she would close the marine terminal if it couldn’t pay for itself.

Those are all promises that I thought made sense, so I marked her box on my ballot and sent it in.

For nearly three months now Sue has been off the job.   She suffered a heart attack and a stroke late last year and has been unable to return to her position as port commissioner.

Her voice is needed – – or at least another voice is needed.   A three-member port commission suffers when one-third of its members are absent.

I hope she gets well soon and returns to representing the public on the port commission.    But – if she is not able to return anytime soon – – it might be time to begin planning how she can be replaced.

Even though Bill McGregor and George Barner are doing a good job – – the commission calls for three members and three minds are better than two.

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