Life sucks. It’s time to move on Occupy Olympia

November 11th, 2011 by Ken

The point’s been made. Wall Street is bad. Now, it’s time to get back to real life.

I’m talking of course about the Occupy Wall Street group and it’s country cousin Occupy Olympia. Those camping along Capitol Lake on state property should pack up and go.

The point’s been made. International banks are bad. Capitalism is bad. Life sucks

The whole purpose of Occupy Wall Street was to draw attention to the inequities of the American capitalistic system. It took a while but the mainstream media caught on to the idea of a good story. But, it’s now moved on and the tents still sit pitched on the shores of Capitol Lake.

Some 80 years ago, Capitol Lake was the home to a similar type of resident. Shanties and shacks lined the shores of lower Budd Inlet, as the area now known as Capitol Lake was called. These hovels were known by the collective name of “Little Hollywood”. For years those living in the area were allowed to exist, but eventually, authorities moved in moved out the residents and burned down the shacks.

Occupy Olympia is turning in to a similar venture. Many homeless residents have settled in among the protesters, and are creating their own new little hollywood.

Authorities will tolerate the campers only so long before they’re forced to move. I suspect the anarchists living among the protestors would welcome such a conflict, but the resulting damage to the Occupy movement will again expose the movement to ridicule.

It’s time to declare victory in the PR campaign and move on.

Oh – and speaking of Move On. This group is still trying to find someone in Lacey to led such a movement in that city.

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