George Carlin’s death is no loss

June 23rd, 2008 by Ken

George Carlin, the 60’s poster child for comedy, became a foul-mouthed bitter old man in his later years.

Accolades for him by the mainstream media, talk about the way he pushed limits all of his life which brought him millions of fans around the world.  What they failed to recognize, is that in the last decade, Carlin morphed from a man whose comedy was ahead of its time, to an old man yearning to be relevant.

His Las Vegas act was filled with vulgarity, sex and most of all, insignificance.  He tried to capture his former glory but ended up living on his reputation.  And, his act reflected his bitterness.

Praise if you must his early days, but to have been a truly respected figure, he should have died 20 years ago. 

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