Some advice you can really use

July 11th, 2022 by Ken

It was a scene right out of a tear-jerking movie.  The old man lay dying.  The family had gathered around the bed.  Their father and grandfather had been a successful business owner.  He had made a fortune – – and everyone wanted to know what his final words would be.

As he woke briefly from his labored sickness he gestured for his youngest grandson to come closer.  The young man did as he was told and bent over to put his ear closer to his grandfathers lips.  He listened a few seconds, nodded, and then retreated from the bed – – the old man died.

“What’d he say?”, “What’d he say?” – – The others gathered around the bed wanted to know.  “What’d he say?”  What did he tell you?” they all demanded to hear.  The young man looked up at the group who waited with expectation at the final word of advice from this successful businessman.

“Don’t take the first pancake,” the grandson said.  “What?, they all asked  again this time in unison.  “Don’t take the first pancake,” that’s what he said.  “Don’t take the first pancake.”

Anyone who has ever cooked pancakes, know that the first pancake is often doughy inside and not very tasty.  The family is waiting for breakfast and your in a hurry.  So we put the cakes on before the griddle is smoking hot and these first  marvels of flour and water are often not not very good.

Is that what the old man was trying to say?  Or, did his final words have more to do with the world than with pancakes?  Did he mean that going first isn’t the best position to be in?  Did he mean to say that allowing others to go first and make the first mistake gives you an opportunity to learn from that?

Or did he mean to say that giving others the opportunity to go first is a learning experience for everyone?

I don’t know what he meant.  Advice is only as good as the people receiving it.  It you want advice, you have to be willing to accept it  Not taking the first pancake can be read as about anything you want it to be.

Or – maybe, just maybe, the first pancake isn’t the best – – but it can be if you follow these words of advice.

The griddle has to be hot – – at a temperature of 375 degrees.  After mixing, let the batter sit for three minutes to allow all ingredients to mix well.  Pour the batter in one spot and let it spread out on its own.  Cook each side for three minutes on each side.   And, don’t lift up the pancake to see if its done.

Then, you can take the first pancake.

Now, that’s some advice you can really use.

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