In support of personal responsibility

April 20th, 2022 by Ken

I’m a big supporter of modern medicine.  Because of it, I’ve been able to live far longer than I ever anticipated.  That’s why, when it was announced that we had a vaccine to help fight Covid, I jumped right on it.  It, and all the other boosters that came later.

I think that everyone should have gotten the vaccine.

But, when the mandates came along, I was concerned that the hammer of Big Brother and Big Government had over-reached.   When it was announced that all of the government employees who didn’t get the vaccine – would be fired – I knew it was too much.  Now, most of the firefighters, police,  nurses, and other  government employees who failed to respond to the government mandate have been – or shortly will be – fired.

I salute all of those government workers who rebelled against the mandates.  While I think it was folly not to get vaccinated – I think it was your right and responsibility to do what you think was best.

Government officials, have now tasted the powers of Dictatorship.  In the future, they will be more willing and more ready to again issue and enforce mandates.   It’s just a short distance down the road, as government officials gather to fight “Global Climate Change.”

When that big hammer falls once more on the American public through the issuance of “Mandates” – – those who rebelled against the vaccination mandates will be looked upon as patriots who fought the beginning of an American dictatorship.

Now having come to your defense – do me a favor – – get vaccinated.

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