Replacement named for Courtney Schrieve

March 15th, 2022 by Ken

North Thurston schools have hired a replacement for Courtney Schrieve.  His name is Aaron Wyatt.

According to information provided on the NTPS Key Communicator list, Wyatt was a classroom teacher for 13 years and most recently served as communication’s director for two state agencies – – The Washington State Board of Education and most recently the Washington Student Achievement Council.

Wyatt said in his first news release, that he has contributed to several equity initiatives in his previous job and is looking forward to working with North Thurston schools in advancing equity.  The district’s commitment to equity is one of the reasons he applied for the communication’s position.

I personally, look forward to meeting with Aaron and find out if he is also committed to getting involved in the community and receiving input from parents and community members.  I’ll also try to find out if he is interested in the general good of our education system, or more interested in making sure the district appears in a good light.

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