Don’t change the name of Priest Point Park

March 7th, 2022 by Ken

Action by the City of Olympia to change the name of Priest Point Park to Squaxin Park is a wrong-headed move on the part of some people to continue to erase the history of our community, in the interest of  re-writing history to salve a political wrong.

Arrival of the Benediction Priests was a major move in the future of our community and set forth many actions which has led to the creation of Saint Martin’s College and St. Peter Hospital – – just to name the most obvious.

The effort to remove the name (and with it, all western impact on the native community) smacks of “Cancel Culture.”  We can’t remove the impact that western thought had on the various tribes along Puget Sound, but trying to erase the name of a beloved city park seems a knee-jerk reaction.

While we’re at it.  Why not change the name of Puget Sound and Mt. Rainer while we’re at it?  I suggest Salish Sea and Mt. Tahoma.

Have the public meeting (by Zoom) on March 17.  Listen to the reasons, then reject the idea and get on to something more significant and substantial.

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