I’m not afraid of no sign

February 22nd, 2022 by Ken

The other day I was taking my daily walk when I saw a piece of property with new signs in front of it.   The signs read, “No Trespassing.  Trespassers will be Prosecuted.”

Up to that time I had not thought about trespassing and the sign got me to thinking.  If I did trespass, who would stop me.  I’m certain the police wouldn’t have responded to a trespass.  And, if, by some chance, I was stopped, I don’t think the prosecutors office would file charges against me.

I would never trespass, but it brought home to me how often we make decisions based on our ability to get away with it.  We know that government is backing off from arresting those who commit petty crimes like littering, public intoxication, drug use, theft, shoplifting and trespassing.  Loosing up laws that govern human behavior harmful to the public good, does nothing more than push the envelop.  If we don’t punish those crimes, than can other more serious crimes follow without fear of repercussions.

I understand why the property owners placed the signs they did.  The house in unoccupied and its possible that some homeless populations may move it.  But, the no trespassing signs wouldn’t have stopped anyone bent on finding shelter, nor would the fear of prosecution.

Not enforcing the law leads to more lawlessness.  It’s the broken window syndrome.  Allow one window to be broken and soon others will follow.

Every time I walk by the property now, I’m tempted to set a foot on the yard to see what happens.  I’m not afraid of no sign – now.

(NOTE – It’s been brought to my attention that the owners posted those signs so to have a legal way of removing squatters.)

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