The State should be ashamed of itself

February 15th, 2022 by Ken

The Washington State Department of Transportation should be ashamed of itself.  It’s taken a hands-off approach on becoming the largest illegal camping ground in the state by saying it wasn’t a police agency,  Now, its taken the same tact by saying it isn’t  a garbage collection agency.

Ok, it hasn’t said that – yet.  But if past action is any key to future action, WSDOT will allow garbage to continue to collect in these illegal campgrounds and spill over onto the freeway.

Anyone who has driven the freeway from Lacey through Tumwater, comes away ashamed about the litter and garbage caused by people in these illegal camps throwing it over the fence.  The freeway is a disgrace.  it reflects badly on the state image, particularly when the state capitol dome looms in the background.

In the past, the Department of Ecology has policed this section of freeway. They are also, now  conspicuously absent.  I suspect cleaning up this mess won’t be easy.  There are needles and other drug paraphemalia.  There is probably caustic chemicals as well as feces and urine.   This cleanup job is not for amateurs.  It will take professionals.

But it’s time.  If DOT or Ecology won’t do the job, then hire a professional team and get the mess cleaned up.  And, while you’re at it.  Move the “homeless” encampments out.

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