Olympia moves homeless problem to Lacey

December 18th, 2021 by Ken

With less than a days notice, the City of Olympia moved the residents of the DesChutes Parkway camp to the City of Lacey.  Despite being a partner with Olympia on the homeless task force, Olympia rented 30 rooms for 30 days at the LaQuinta Inn in the city of Lacey.  It also rented a handful of rooms at other adjacent motels.

Complicating matters is the fact that the LaQuinta is located less than a hundred yards from the Northwest Christian school which was never notified.  Bear in mind that the DesChutes camp was closed because of violence and shootings.

Administrators and parents are concerned about their new neighbors and some parents have taken it upon themselves to walk guard duty around the school.

The move caught Lacey city officials unaware.  Now Lacey police are patrolling the area and city staff are providing other services.

Lacey officials are questioning the city’s involvement in the homeless task force, when Olympia will take action without involving Lacey in the decision-making process.

(Olympia has been pushing its problems into Lacey for the last decade.  Many social service agencies and subsidized housing units have been built on Martin Way – while technically in the city of Olympia – is actually in Lacey’s area of concern.)


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