The Covid emergency is over

November 23rd, 2021 by Ken

For all practical purposes, the Covid emergency is over.

Everyone who wants to get a Covid shot has gotten one.  Hospitals report a significant decline in Covid patients.  And, wherever you go, people are removing their masks and getting on with their lives.

Mandates are the last gasp of a government that wants to continue the Covid emergency so that the extra ordinary powers they’ve been granted can continue.  Governor Inslee likes the ability to make decisions on his own without having to get the authorization of the state legislature.

Go to any gathering of people – – related or not – – and soon you will find the masks slipping down and eventually removed.  The public knows that the “emergency” is over.  What remains are remnants of a virus that is entering its last gasp.  While it can still cause some damage and harm – – the emergency – which gave unlimited powers to the executive – is over.

If the governor can’t understand this, than state legislators should force the Washington State Supreme Court to rule on the extension of the governor’s powers.


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