Cultural adjustment works in Arizona

November 17th, 2021 by Ken

I’ve never been to Mexico.  I haven’t spent much time in the Southwest.  But, I recently returned from nine days in Arizona – most of the time in Tucson.  I didn’t realize that Tucson is just 60 miles from the Mexican border until I began to see the signs that such was the case.

I don’t know how many Hispanics call Arizona – home – but I do that Tucson and other near border cities have embraced that culture.  Just outside of Tucson, heading south, the traffic signs are written in both Spanish and English and the mileage is stated in kilometers instead of miles.

In many restaurants, the menus are written in English on one side and Spanish on the other.  Most workers who serve customers are fluent in both languages and salsa has replaced catsup on the restaurant tables.

Small, simple observations from a man who is barely fluent in English and only knows the Hispanic culture when he goes to a “Mexican” restaurant here in town.

But, I think its a good thing.  Mexico is our neighbor and as our Hispanic immigration continues, we will need to adjust – all of us.  Even those who live near the Canadian border.  If what I  saw in Tucson is any example, that adjustment will work well for everyone.  Just remember, to convert kilometers to miles, just multiply by 6 and drop the last number.  It gets you close enough.  Oh – that’s right – – our neighbors to the north use kilometers too.

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