Where is Mark Brown when we need him

September 24th, 2021 by Ken

Longtime political activist and former Lacey mayor Mark Brown, recently wrote a missive in which he severely criticized the partisan political divide which separates our community, our state and our country.  He asked that we work to put the various political issues behind us and work for the common good.

Mark made his request on his Facebook page which was picked up and spread over many social media outlets.

Recently I published a picture on my Facebook page which showed a partisan display of support for three of our local state legislators.  It was put in place by South Puget Sound Community College and thanks Sam Hunt, Laurie Dolan and  Jessica Bateman for getting funds for the college’s outreach activities.  All three are Democrats.

I received castigations and citations from those who felt the display was appropriate.  I also received support from those who thought it was an effort on behalf of the college to support Democratic legislative activities.

The conflict seemed to end when Republican State  Representative Andrew Barkis pointed out that there are eight legislators in the geographical area which the college serves and that half of them are Republicans and that all of them voted to support South Puget Sound Community College.

it’s a shame that our well-respected community college has been caught up in partisan politics.

Where is Mark Brown when we need his guidance?

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