Inflation has a personal touch

September 10th, 2021 by Ken

When we talk about inflation we do so in a large context.  Economists tout percentages and throw numbers around.  But, recently, I had a date with inflation on a regular schedule.

For years, I’ve been meeting friends every Thursday at Shari’s.  We like the location, we like the staff and we like the moderate cost of a meal – – until recently.

New menus at a restaurant usually signify increases in costs.  We could usually get a breakfast with coffee for under $20, sometimes far under.  Now the price of that same meal was nearly $25 and with a tip it hit almost $30.  In my poor math oriented mind, that adds up to about a 20 percent increase in cost.

We were going to the Puyallup Fair so we had to fill up our gas tank.  As regular shoppers at Freddies, we often get discounts based on our spending.  Even with a significant discount, to fill up our tank cost about $50.

We had free admission to the Fair so that was a saving, but even with smaller crowds and on a weekday, the cost for the fair, particularly food, was way beyond anything we paid before.

These are just a few of the incidents of how inflation is eating into the savings of Americans.

Once it rears its head, inflation is a pandemic that eats away at the foundation of every citizen on a fixed income.  Our elected officials continue to spend money under the guise of post-pandemic prosperity.  The best way they could do to fight the inflation pandemic is to stop spending.

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