Evergreen is ungovernable

May 6th, 2021 by Ken

As an alum of Evergreen, I’m embarrassed and ashamed, that the college is in such poor condition, that all three candidates for president of the college withdrew from consideration.

It isn’t surprising that the college is unable to find a qualified candidate who is willing to put up with the humiliation of the selection process or wants to try to govern a college with a reputation as an outlier in the higher education field.  The Evergreen State College is a problem child that needs a firm hand from a president with the ability to suffer the slings and arrows of self-serving faculty and their minions.

While the three candidates arrived at their decision to withdraw separately and without the knowledge of the other candidates, they all had one conclusion by doing so – – Evergreen in ungovernable.

The college’s reputation is shot.  No one wants to go down with a sinking ship while the faculty and those carrying pitchforks and torches dance around the campfire.

Evergreen needs to take a different path if it is to survive.  The college is like an alcoholic that refuses to believe that it has a problem.  Until it faces the fact that its hit bottom, it can’t begin to climb out.

The Board of Trustees does not need to begin the search again.  It should admit that the college is broken and it can’t be repaired.  They need to begin a new search.

They need to join Washington State University and become a branch campus.  That’s the only solution.  It’s in the best interests of both colleges.


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