Should I drink Pepsi or Dr. Pepper?

April 4th, 2021 by Ken

I’m not planning to watch a single major league baseball game this year.  When the Major League Baseball association pulled the All-Star game from Atlanta, Georgia because of a politics, I became a fan of the boycott.

Even if the Seattle Mariners make it to the World Series, I plan not to watch a single pitch.  (Of course, if they actually do make it, I retain the right to change my mind.  I would have already made my point by then.)

I also plan to stop drinking Coca Cola.  I’ve been a Coke addict for as long as I can remember.  I still drink two or three Cokes a day.   This is in response to the Coca Cola company’s support of withdrawing the All-Star game from Atlanta.

Coca Cola is headquartered in Atlanta.  Atlanta is one of the largest majority black cities in the United States.

Liberal groups have been calling for the MLB to withdraw the games because of new voting laws approved recently by the Georgia legislature.

Two facts – – I’ve been to Atlanta.  I’ve taken the tour of the Coca Cola museum and enjoyed every minute of it.  Atlanta is a beautiful city.  Coke is a major employer.

I’ve also read the new voting rights act (on-line) approved by the Georgia legislature.  As far as I can tell, the law was passed in response to loosen rules in force during the Covid-impacted election.  The new law seems alright to me.  Of course, we’ve had all vote-by-mail in this state for a decade now.  So many of the actions taken by the Georgia legislature wouldn’t mean anything to voters in Washington State.

My complaint is how quickly MLB bowed to the Cancel Culture and how rapidly the largest corporation in Atlanta fell into line.

Therefore I’m boycotting MLB for this year and am going to find a replacement for my Coke drinking.   Should I change to Pepsi or Dr. Pepper?  This could be Coke’s biggest mistake since New Coke.

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