County’s recognition of George Bush is already in existence

February 25th, 2021 by Ken

Efforts to build a monument on the State Capitol grounds for Black pioneer George W Bush and his son William Owens Bush is well deserved.  Both father and son were early pioneers in this area and contributed substantially to the future of Thurston County.

But, to say there is no monument to the Bushes is in error.  In 1989, the Thurston County Historical Commission built a memorial to the Bushes on Bush Prairie at the intersection of 84th Avenue and Old Highway 99.   The monument is built in the form of the original homestead and is an all-encompassing tribute to this Washington pioneer.

The  four-sided monument tells the history of the Bush family, complete with pictures of the senior Bush and his son.  The monument covers his time in Missouri, his involvement in the War of 1812,  his involvement in the Simmons Party, his troubles in Oregon, his generous support of later arriving homesteaders  and all complete with pictures and quotes, including the State Legislature’s original tribute to the senior Bush upon his death.

A new monument on the state capitol grounds will just echo the tribute already contained on the many paneled monument already in existence.  The Thurston County Historical Commission and the residents of Thurston County are appreciative of our pioneering families and do all we can to recognize them.

I suggest the Black Heritage Society of Washington State and its president Stephanie Johnson-Toliver contact me and I will be happy to take her and any other on a tour of the memorial to George Washington Bush and William Owens Bush.

I am currently a member of the Thurston County Historical Commission.  However, the memorial was built before I was appointed to the commission.


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