Significant property tax increases a shock

February 19th, 2021 by Ken

Paying property taxes this year was a shock.

My total cost was up nearly 16 percent over last year, while voluntary taxes (those voted on by us – such as school and fire district) was up by nearly 30 percent.

An increase in valuation of my house and property, went up only 8 percent.

Last year and the year before, (for collection this year) voters were very generous in approving new taxes and raising property tax lids.  So you and I have seen a major increase.   A 16 percent in taxes and a 30 percent increase in newly approved property taxes seems a little excessive.

Lets not forget, voters also approved significant increases in the sales tax, including a .03 cents for Intercity Transit.  Not included on this bill is the increase in utility taxes brought about by water and sewer costs.  Look at your utility bill closely and see how it has increased.

The question I ask, is who’s watching the store.  Who’s looking at all of the local taxes we pay?  It doesn’t seem that our local elected officials are doing a very good job.

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