Covid vaccine use full of politics

December 2nd, 2020 by Ken

When the new Covid 19 vaccine is finally in distribution there’s almost unanimous agreement that the first people to get the vaccine should be hospital workers and first responders.  They are the people at the front dealing with the impact of the virus.

Most will agree that  seniors in nursing homes and those who take care of them should be second in line for the vaccine.  After all, nursing home residents make up nearly 50 percent of all deaths from Covid 19.

But, who’s next?

You would think it would be all seniors over 65.  Or maybe those who deal with the public on a daily basis such as grocery clerks, waitresses and waiters.    But, because of politics, you’d be wrong.

The third in line to get the Covid 19 vaccine will probably be teachers.  Not because teachers get the virus any more often than you or I, but because teachers have a strong lobbying group called the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.  The teacher unions control the Democratic Party and right now, the Democrats control the presidency and the agencies which make the determination as to who should get the vaccine.

The unions want the teachers vaccinated and woe be unto any Democratic elected official who crosses the teachers union.  There’s no doubt that politics will play a major role in when you and I get the vaccine.

So, get in line, wait your designated turn and watch as decisions are made regarding distribution and use of the vaccine that seems to make no sense.  Just remember, it’s politics and politicians, who are  making the decisions about your health.


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