Covid is not a death sentence

November 17th, 2020 by Ken

According to the Washington State Department of Health, I have recovered from my bout of Covid19.  I am free to enter the world of the living again.

Just like 99.94 percent of everyone who gets Covid, I have recovered  Although I am still a little weak and still have my cough, I have met the criteria of all those other survivors of this disease.

I have no idea when or how I caught Covid.  I have allergies and I had a cold for more than two weeks.  I thought my symptoms were just a cold.  It wasn’t until I started feeling tired all the time and it wasn’t until my wife Jan came down with similar symptoms that I begin to suspect that I might have Covid.

I had curtailed most of my activities and had spent most of two weeks prior, confined to my house.   When Jan came down sick, we decided to get tested.   Our health care provider Kaiser Permanente had an easy to use on-line questionaire.    Jan took it and was told to get tested.  I took it, and was also told to get tested.   We did the drive-through testing on November 10 and the next day got our results that we both tested Positive.

I immediately notified everyone I had contact with the previous week and asked them to get tested.  I had incidental contact with two of our children resulting in them getting tested. Both were found to be negative for Covid.

I also posted on my Facebook page asking anyone who had physical contact with me to get tested.

What are the symptoms of Covid. In my case, I had normal flu symptoms – fever, headache, queasy stomach and tiredness.  I also didn’t feel the desire to eat and my food had no taste.  (I actually lost eight pounds.)   I will be 78 in a few days and for 30 years I was a 2-3 pack a day smoker.   I was concerned about my air supply.  But continual testing found the air in my blood stream at the normal level.

I also have high blood pressure.  I had some very high readings in blood pressure tests.  We finally determined that it was the cold medicine that was affecting my blood pressure and I became more careful of what over-the-counter medicines I took.

We’ve had dozens of people offer to help.  Jan and I appreciate each and everyone who has expressed concern or wanted to help in some way.  The silver lining in all of this is the number of people who care about us.

Although I can now venture outside the house, I’m going to stay confined for a few more days.  If you want, feel free to call.  All you’ll do is interrupt my napping, and I’m doing too much of that as it is.

I want to ask one more favor.  Stop watching the news.  All it does is scare the hell out of you and that is not helpful at all.


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