Trump’s people aren’t going away

November 5th, 2020 by Ken

It was probably the best possible outcome we could hope for.

Republicans control the Senate, Democrats lost seats but still control the House.   And, Donald Trump’s America is still there, still angry and still clinging to the American Dream.

When Trump won the presidency four years ago, it was deemed a fluke by the elites and their lackey media.  They said he only won because he was a TV Star, because people didn’t like Hillary Clinton that he’d been helped by the Russians and those that had voted for him were ignorant and racists.

This time around, 66 million Americans voted for Donald Trump.  He made inroads into the former Blue Rust Belt just as he had the first time around, and it was only through the Billion dollar effort to encourage people to vote that he lost this time around.

The forgotten American is not what many people think of.  The forgotten American is the blue collar workers, the farmers, the pink collar women, the ones who feel powerless and voiceless as the government-elite and the elite media headquartered in their urban east coast nests ignore them.   They are the men and women who can’t work from home.  They’re the cab drivers, the loggers, the iron worker, the plumber, the guy who sits all day in the cab of a combine.  The forgotten Americans are the waitress, the family which operates the local laundry, the local restaurant, the small business which employs half a dozen people – often from their own family.

These are the ones most financially impacted by government action.

They may not have liked Trump’s personality but they sure loved his work ethics and his policies.  Next time around , they’ll find someone who will speak for them and they’ll support him (or her).   And this group will again embrace the concept that American is the best country in the world – – and they’ll continue to hang on to their guns and their bibles.


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