CDavis is having a very bad day – week – month

September 4th, 2020 by Ken

A challenge to CDavis, the Republican candidate for Thurston County Commissioner, was upheld by Mary Hall, the Thurston County Auditor.  The challenge alleged that CDavis did not live at the location in which he was registered to vote.

Hall said that CDavis has the opportunity to register at his new location and has done so.  “He’ll still be on the ballot this fall,  He still lives in the district,” Hall said. Thurston County commissioners run by district.  The districts run north to south in Thurston County.  CDavis lives in District One.  His new address is in District One.

Hall said that all challenges to place of resident goes to the Auditor if done before 45 days of the election.   If the challenge is 45 days or less out from the election, then the Thuston County Canvasing Board would be convened and make the decision.  The canvasing board is composed of the county Auditor, the county Prosecuting Attorney and the chair of the County Commission.

CDavis has been facing some set-backs in his effort to be the first Republican on the Thurston County Commission in decades.  Allegations of improper behavior against him has resulted in his being kicked out of the Republican party.

There has been rumors that some supporters of incumbent Commissioner John Hutchings are thinking about mounting a write-in campaign.  So far – that’s just rumors and nothing more.

The other challenger for the commission seat is Carolina Mejia who won more than a third of the votes in the Primary Election in a seven candidate field.


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