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August 6th, 2020 by Ken

Republicans in Thurston County can count on getting around 30 percent of the vote in any partisan election.  Very few Republicans can get much beyond that thresh hold .But, Kim Wyman is an anomaly among local Republicans.  While votes are still being counted, Wyman has received nearly 58 percent of the vote locally, while creeping along statewide at just over 50 percent.  Kim is well-liked in Thurston County and has won the support of many Democratic voters by her sense of fair play and lack of partisanship in her job as the state’s election officer.  Taking on the hated Donald Trump over his opposition to “Vote By Mail” hasn’t hurt.  Besides, it gives many local Democrats the ability to say they vote for some Republicans.

In the race to fill Denny Heck’s vacant seat in the 10th Congressional District, the General Election ballot will contain the names of two Democratic women.  Beth Doglio, with her base of support in Thurston County and Marilyn Strickland with her base in Pierce County will face each other in the finals.  Doglio has left the state legislature to try for the up town seat, while Strickland has come from the private sector, even if it was from King County.  Doglio  has depended on the traditional base of Democratic support, teacher unions and women.  Strickland has garnered the support of two former Democratic Governors and her base from serving as Mayor of Tacoma.  Since both of these women will get Democratic support in the General election it will boil down to which one of them can get independents and Republican support.

In the 22nd District race to fill Doglio’s legislative seat, former Olympia City Councilmember Jessica Bateman and former Lacey Police Chief Dusty Pierpoint are neck and neck.  Both appear headed for the General Election ballot.  Bateman is a Democrat, Pierpoint is a Republican.  Pierpoint has a tough challenge.  Three other Democrats were in that race including Mary Ellen Biggerstaff and Glenda Breiler.  Chances are pretty good that most of their votes will go to Bateman.  Pierpoint is going to have to find some well to shake the Republican label and convince voters that all politics is local.

A couple of local items of interest.  The race for Thurston County Commission in District one, was always the most interesting contest on our Primary ballot.  Former County Commission Bud Blake had moved into the district to run against current commissioner Hutch Hutchings.  Wisdom held that those two would battle it out for a place on the General Election ballot.  But, at the most recent counting, both Blake and Hutchings were third and fourth in the standings.  Both of them were running as independents.  As of this date (August 6) Democrat Carolina Mejia is leading the pack with Republican C. Davis holding a slim lead over Blake.  Looks like party labels may actually mean something.  (More on this race at a later date.)

And finally is the race for Thurston County Superior Court. Sharonda Amamilo is holding a major lead over second place Scott Ahlf.  With four people running for the job, three are white males.  Only Amamilo is not.  Looks like there is some validity to the effort to get people of color (and women) into elective office.  (Not taking anything away from Sharonda).

We’ll take a deeper look at some of these races later.

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