It’s a demographic revolt

June 14th, 2020 by Ken

While some are debating whether this is the worse year in contemporary American history, others are pointing to 1968 as the year that changed this country.  But others are pointing to 2020 as the year they hope will change the future of the United States.

While both 1968 and 2020 are unique to themselves, and both are change years, they do have one similarity.    The common cause is demographics.

In 1968, the Baby Boomers were entering adult hood.   Many were in their early teens and late 20’s.  They looked around and saw that the country they were growing up in, was not the country they thought it was, or should be.  The civil rights movement was encountering violence and hatred by some people in leadership positions.  The Vietnam War was being fought for reasons that many of them did not understand.  And two major political figures – Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy had been assassinated.  And, the president and political leadership was left wondering – what is happening.

It’s now 2020.  The Millennials are now in their 20’s and 30’s.  A vast Pandemic is sweeping the country and economic collapse seems just around the corner.  A two-decade war is continuing to have human and economic impacts.  Racism seems to have permeated every section of the country and the political leadership at all levels seems to be wanting.

Just as the Baby Boomers moved their parents aside and assumed control of the county.  So to are the Millennials  attempting just such a demographic coup.

Issues of injustice, war, poverty, homelessness can be solved with new, younger leadership is their cry.

The Boomers in their own way, made this a better country in which to live, work, play and raise a family.  While the major issues of their day were often blunted or shoved aside or just became less important.   This inequity and perceived lack of concern has led to this demographic revolt.  Let us lead and we will do better.

So, I say, go at it  young man and young woman.  Have a try.  It’s your turn.  Good luck.

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