Don’t piss off the fishermen

April 19th, 2020 by Ken

Around the country, particularly in the west and midwest, American citizens have become upset with the stay in place and isolation orders issued by state governors.  In Michigan, Ohio, Oregon and even here in Washington, crowds of people, protesting the draconian laws have been demonstrating and expressing their anger over their right to peaceably assembly, practice their religion and go fishing.

You heard me right.  To go fishing.  Sports fisherman have been complaining about restrictions placed on their right to fish.  Here, in our state, those complaints started on March 23, when Governor Jay Inslee closed down boat launching facilities, state parks and other state areas.  They also banned fishing in any waters in the state.

Fishing enthusiasts took to Facebook, Twitter and other social media and the protests began to erupt.   They were the first organized group to question the rules put in place to distance us from each other and to stop us from partaking in one of the world’s greatest pleasure – to feel that tug on your line.

The governor of Michigan won’t even let fisherman out of their homes with their boats.  Michigan has the largest lake in the world named after a state.  Minnesota has 10,000 lakes and also a ban on fishing.  Washington state has more boats per capita than any other state.  We also have lakes, Puget Sound, sloughs, rivers, lakes and the ocean.

Governor Inslee has said he understands the frustration of the people over the rules.  That may be so.  But he doesn’t understand the frustration of the fishermen.  It may not take a Boston Tea Party to get his attention.  Maybe it will just be a statewide Fish Day and Fry.

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