Hey Greeners. Have I got a new school for your kids

March 6th, 2020 by Ken

Hey Greeners.

Yeah, you, some of the 30,000 Evergreen graduates who call Thurston County home.   Have I got a school for you – actually for your kids and grandkids.

North Thurston Public Schools has started a new high school that echoes the Evergreen learning style.  Except, instead of teaching left-wing politics, it teaches science and technology using some of the teaching principles that once made the Mud Bay college the envy of teachers and professors everywhere.

It’s called the Envision Career Academy and its replacing South Sound High School.

As currently designed, students at the Academy will major in math and the social sciences while also completing the other high school requirements of the state.  While concentrating on the sciences is new, its the teaching styles the school embraces.

Playbooks, right out of the Evergreen experiment.

For example:  Students will be taught by team-teaching teachers every school day, all school day, for six weeks, focusing on a particular course.  At the end of that period, students will move on to another course which will also run for six weeks.

Here are some more particulars that make this a copy of Evergreen’s learning style.  As spelled out in the informational brochure “Instead of traditional classrooms, each learning space is designed for a purpose:  design lab, discussion den, quiet learning nooks, computer lab, greenhouse, school garden and CTE-focused spaces for manufacturing, biomedical science, business and marketing.”

Want still more.  Direct from the informational brochure -” There are limited bells.  Teachers and staff will go by their first names.  Students are not 9th graders or freshman.  They are 101s.  Students in their second year of high school are 201s.”

As a Greener myself, I enjoyed and appreciated Evergreen’s unique (at that time) learning style.   If this Lacey school can pull it off it may also set itself as an example of how to teach in the 21st Century.


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