Celebrate the myths of Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2019 by Ken

I like the myths of America.  I particularly love the myths of Thanksgiving.

A band of men, women and children, fleeing religious persecution in England, journeyed across a stormy winter sea to land in the new world.  They suffered and they died, but with the help of native tribes managed to survive and eventually flourish.  To celebrate their survival, they held a big feast and invited those same tribes to share a meal.

We know the reality is somewhat different.  We know the darker side to that myth.  But what can be wrong with celebrating the idea, the myth of Thanksgiving?

What can be wrong with inviting family, friends and even strangers to have a meal with us?  What can be wrong with giving thanks for the things we have and the willingness to share that with people we love and people we want to love?  What can be wrong with that?

That’s what I celebrate on Thanksgiving – – the idea.

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