Denny Heck isn’t who you think he is

July 28th, 2019 by Ken

Denny Heck isn’t who you think he is. Our Democratic Congressman from the Tenth  District represents the urban area of Thurston County and parts of Pierce County.

Many of my conservative friends have supported Denny because they see him as business-friendly and less radical than most of his party. Hell – I even like Denny, but for different reasons.

However, recently, he joined the choir of the more radical members of the Democratic Congressional delegation and called for the beginning of impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump.

I understand why he did. It has everything to do with being re-elected in 2020. Denny understands that some areas of Thurston County are more radical than he is. He is afraid that some far-left radical Democrat will mount a primary challenge and perhaps beat him. No elected official wants to lose. And, no elected official wants to lose in a primary election because he failed to understand party politics.

Denny is a consummate politician. He has been involved in politics since he was a college student. He understands how to play the game. If all it takes to stop a challenge from the radical fringe of his party is to come out for impeachment of the president – – then that’s what he’s going to do.

So, my more conservative friends. Keep this in mind in 2020 when Heck is running for re-election. If he was really business-friendly, he would embrace Trump’s business agenda and support efforts to keep jobs in this country and reject calls for a $15 minimum wage (which has been the death knoll for many local restaurants.)

But, then again. He has to get the nomination of his party – and he has to bow to the radical social agenda just to keep his job.

After all – he is a politician first and foremost.


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