Leadership – part two

July 19th, 2019 by Ken

With so many people running for local political office this year, I felt it might be worthwhile to review some of the responsibilities of those who seek to be our community leaders.

It helps, if you understand how the community thinks and what it believes is important. It’s fine to bring your value system into public office, but it’s better if you incorporate the community’s value system as well.

As an elected community leader, you need to stop thinking like you always have. It’s no longer about you. It’s now about the community. Your future political goals should line up with those of the community.

While you will be required to help solve community problems, you should also keep one eye on the future. How do the actions I take today affect what others will face down the road? Quick solutions to today’s problems, often result in adverse impacts later.

In working towards the future, be sure to preserve the historic and artistic aspects that exist today. Communities need to understand their history, if they are to create goals for the future.

Now that you are a community leader, you need to act as one. Set an example in everything you do and say. Remember that people have a long memory and one spiteful comment or action will be remembered long after all of your good works are forgotten.

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