Ryder may have manipulated council selection process

April 6th, 2019 by Ken

The resignation of Rachel Young from the Lacey City Council was unexpected but not really.  Young had indicated she was not going to seek re-election to her seat when it expired next year.

But her resignation on April 4, caught many by surprise.  But, not Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder.  Ryder apparently knew about it and sources tell me, he even encouraged her to resign her seat early so the council could appoint someone to the seat – – some one the mayor wanted.

Two people have already announced their intention of seeking the seat when Young’s term expired – – Ed Kunkel and Lynda Zeman. Both would have been running this fall and  hoping to win the public’s support. Ryder’s preferred person is Zeman and it is expected that the mayor will appoint Zeman to the vacant seat, thus giving her a step up in the election when she will be able to run as the incumbent.

Ryder has four council member’s vote already secured and in his pocket, so whomever he wants is going to be the one selected to fill the seat.  That’s a mistake.  If it appears that the mayor has manipulated the process he and the council will begin to lose any credibility they have.

By law, the city has to open up the appointment process to any Lacey resident  qualified to serve.  If it is true that the mayor has manipulated the selection process then it would be futile for anyone to apply.

What Ryder seems to have done is not illegal.  It’s done all the time by astute politicians to further their political career and gain power.   I had hoped that Lacey’s elected officials were different.   The fact that they may just be another group of politicians more concerned about their careers than about the city, makes me sad.   I thought we were above all that.  I guess I’m just naive.   

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