Blue wave crested at the foot of the Cascades

February 24th, 2019 by Ken

Blue Wave crested at the foot of the Cascades

King County’s ultra liberal Democratic bent has sent a Blue Wave down the coast of Washington and even took in parts of Clark County and Vancouver – the Portland suburbs.  But, it crested at the foot of the Cascades.

There’s no doubt that King County controls politics in Washington.  This is best shown by the vote on Initiative 1639, the gun-control measure.  While it passed in the urban areas of King County by nearly 70 percent, it failed to carry even one county east of the Cascades.

Those living on the dry side of the state have chaffed at their inability to have any say in how the state governs them and their property and in their frustration have introduced a bill to separate the two sides and form their own state of “Liberty”. 

This isn’t the first time such a move has been started.  About once a decade the idea gains support when the liberals of the west try to force their views on the more conservative residents of the east.

Opponents of this idea point out that new states shouldn’t  be created for political purposes.   I of course point out that many new states were created for political reasons.  The most blatant being Nevada and West Virginia.  President Abraham Lincoln was concerned that his effort to gain a second term might fail, and created the two new states to bring him additional electoral votes.

Instead of forming a new state, supporters of the idea would be better off annexing to Idaho.  At one time, Idaho was part of the Washington Territory and might very well welcome the new residents and new tax base.

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