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December 17th, 2018 by Ken

According to the “Wall Street Journal”, Amazon received some $5 billion in enticements  for the location of its new headquarters facility.   But, it pales in comparison to what Boeing received from Seattle.  The largest amount of incentives for any business, anywhere were given to Boeing by Seattle and the State of Washington to stay in Seattle.   Boeing received $8.7 billion from state taxpayers.

While homelessness issues continue to plague the City of Olympia, those issues are beginning to creep into the City of Lacey as well.  That is a planned out effort on the part of Olympia to force adjacent cities to feel some of the pain.  over the past few years, Olympia has built or supported homeless housing and services on Martin Way – thus serving two purposes – to get the homeless out of downtown Olympia and out to Lacey.  Even “The Olympian” supports such a move and has been vocal in its efforts to make Tumwater and Lacey part of the homeless problem.


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