Dialogue 13 – Luck

November 25th, 2018 by Ken

“Do you believe in luck,” she asked.

“In what context,” he said.

“Well, an acquaintance of mine just won $3.5 million playing the lottery.  He always wins.  I swear he was born with a horseshoe up his ass.  He could fall into a pile of shit and make a fortune selling fertilizer.”

“Some people seem to be lucky, but I think it’s more that they’re just opportunistic,” he said.   I think that there are three element to luck and they’re based on opportunity.”

“Tell me more wise one born under a lucky star.”

“Those who seem lucky just have an ability to see an opportunity.   That’s the first element,” he said.  “They recognize an opportunity when it comes their way.  Then, they have the flexibility to take advantage of the opportunity.  Too many people fail to take advantage because they aren’t able to get out of other commitments.

“And, then they have to act on the opportunity,” he said.  “You’d be surprised how many people just stand on the sidelines and watch opportunity run down the field.”

“How does that relate to winning the lottery,” she asked.

“I could say that you have to buy a ticket in order to win, but that would be too simplistic,” he said.  “It’s just that some people like to gamble and it’s those same people who often take chances on opportunities which come their way.”

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“To buy a lottery ticket,” he said.  “I think the pot’s now over $200 million.”

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