Prepared to be astonished

November 6th, 2018 by Ken

By Dale Cooper

Time was journalists were hard drinking, never-to-be-trusted scoundrels who bled ink and risked their lives chasing the big story. That was the time before the media oligopolies … the major city newspapers, the national television networks, a few magazines and a couple of news services.

The oligopolies made journalism respectable. Some misguided individuals even called it a profession. Ivy League schools started to turn-out steady streams of bright-eyed lambs to feed to oligopolies. They were safe, fully indoctrinated in a version of “journalism” stressing objectivity, empathy, self-esteem and self-importance.

And that’s when group-think replaced introspection, and academic fancy replaced fact. That’s when New York directed the national conversation and when its high priests decided what was news, what was not … and how to properly report it, which not only made it predictable, it made it boring.

But those days are gone now … and good riddance to ‘em. Journalism is morphing back to its roots of honest reporting with ever increasing numbers of reporters unafraid to reveal their personal biases. They’re back to harvesting and hawking news with a competitive zeal unseen for decades.

Of course the oligopolies are reeling from the suddenness and existential threats of the change … aided and abetted by a newfound sense of skepticism about our trust in them. They’d like to blame it on President Trump but this is belied by his accusations of “fake news” finding a resonance in vast numbers of Americans.

Blaming one man for the changes the oligopolies now face is not only wrong, it displays an appalling lack of perspective. After all, without the infinite resources of the net, without all the random and crazy connections we make on social media free from gatekeepers in big cities or ivory towers, Trump would have been a footnote in our political history.

No, he’s not the cause of the changes we’re seeing, he’s the man of the moment … and he’s tough, tough enough to stand in front of millions of people and call his opponents on stage with him liars, or crooked or worse. And he knows that tyrants, like those in Russia, North Korea and Iran, could care less about rhetoric. Power and the will to use it is the only rhetoric they respect … and in the final analysis the only thing that allows us to go about our daily lives peaceably and secure.

He’s refreshingly pro-liberty, pro-free enterprise, non-PC, and a voice that’s been missing for far too long in the nation’s conversation. It’s not the voice of a democratic socialist,

It’s an old style American voice outraged about an elite political class that’s lost its way. And there are plenty of people around the country who appreciate what he’s accomplished so far with dedication, energy, tenacity and outrageous honesty.

Today is the 2018 mid-term election. Prepare to be astonished once again

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