America’s Cultural Revolution

October 28th, 2018 by Ken

Five decades ago, Communist China was racked by the Cultural Revolution.  Chairman Mao deZong unleashed hordes of young Chinese to rid their country of Western ideas and to bring the country into the future, where youth ruled.

This was all a plan by Mao to wipe out the leadership of the Communist Party and assure his place as the undisputed leader of the largest country in the world.

The result of course was that the old ways were shunted aside; that all intellectuals were made to pay for perceived mistakes in past actions, and that everyone must conform to one ideal.   In the process two million teachers, political leaders and  educated elite were murdered by mobs of young people and millions of other leaders were sent to work in the countryside with the peasants.

This Cultural Revolution set China back two decades and only began to function again when the country began to understand what it had done and reversed course.

I see a similar cultural revolution underway in the United States today.  It’s a revolution against our history and our culture – and it’s aimed at the old white men which created a country in which free enterprise thrived and everyone had an opportunity to rise as far as he could.

Of course, there were significant flaws in that scenario.  Women and minorities were left out of the American Dream.  The way business was conducted is now  under fire.  The way women were treated is deemed a “crime”.  The way minorities were exploited and used has created anger which is just now boiling to the surface to such a degree that it can no longer be ignored.

And now the American Cultural Revolution has been unleashed.

All of those crimes committed by old white males must be brought to the surface and those old white men punished for their crimes and the crimes of their fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers.  Statues of our Founding Fathers are being torn down.  Decades of abuse of women and minorities are now coming to the surface and “modern” public opinion asked to cast judgment.  Our entire American capitalistic system is under attack because it was built on the backs and labor of minorities and women.

These formerly disenfranchised groups are even asking if our capitalistic system should remain and suggesting that a fairer more inclusive system should take its place – – maybe something like socialism.

They are being abetted by our new political elite who see a vast sea of votes just waiting for them.  This attack on American traditions and old white men is being  spread by social media. And the American press, looking for readers, hits and viewers has bought into the idea that only they can place this anger into its proper position.

American is gripped by a Cultural Revolution, just as dangerous and just as far-reaching as that which gripped China four decades ago.  And, until an agreement is reached only anger and violence will follow.

Lets hope that it doesn’t take 20 years for Americans to see what they’ve done to our cultural and our society.

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