National issues hit state ballot

October 13th, 2018 by Ken

Police brutality, global warming, obesity, gun control.  All of these national issues have made it onto your November election ballot in the form of state initiatives.   And most of these ballot measures are being financed from out of state national corporations and billionaire do-gooders who have found they can make their money speak.

Initiative 1631 slaps a tax on polluters who pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  This attempt at evading global warming is paid  for by out-of-state interests who see Washington State as a good test ground for the idea of making big industry pay to clean up the air.  Such a move has never been approved in any other state – not even California – – and a previous recent effort here in this state failed.  Fighting it of course are big oil interests.  If approved by the voters, the measure would significantly raise the price of gasoline and every product shipped by truck or rail.   The fee would be passed on to consumers.

Initiative 1634 is the direct effect of Seattle’s soda pop tax to fight obesity.  This measure would forbid other local governments from doing the same thing as well as expanding the scope to cover all food and beverages.  Big soda like Coke and Pepsi funded the initiative campaign and are funding the effort to pass it at the polls.  If the measure fails consumers should be concerned that local governments can approve a similar tax and even expand it to other unhealthy foods such as sugared cereal and even to red meats.

Initiative 1639 would put severe restrictions on gun owners, chip away at the Second Amendment and place undo and burdensome reporting requirements on those who own guns of any kind.   I’ve already written elsewhere that this is the worse state initiative in the last 50 years.  National interests are using liberal Washington State for a testing ground to move these gun restrictions nationwide.  I can’t emphasize enough how badly written and far-reaching this initiative is.  Most of it will probably be overturned by the courts, but such an action will take years and the damage will have been done.

Initiative 940 is in response to perceive police violence on minorities.  It places restrictions on where, when and how police can use deadly force, makes it easier to prosecute police officers for the use of force, and requires additional mental health and anti-bias training.   It is supported by most organizations concerned with minority rights and opposed by most police agencies.  I’m not certain that such a measure is needed, but it does put pressure on local police to be more aware of their biases and perhaps take a quick second to look at alternatives to deadly force.



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