An interesting meal

September 20th, 2018 by Ken

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the Lacey McDonald’s to get a quick bite to eat before an evening meeting.  A homeless man was standing near the door and asked me if I could give him some money to get something to eat.  I said, “No, but I’ll buy you something.”

He said thanks and went inside with me.  “What can I have,” he asked.  “Anything you want,” I replied.  He ordered his meal and went and sat down at a table.  I ordered mine and the woman behind the register said, “I won’t charge you for his.”  She didn’t, and I thought  it was very kind of McDonald’s, but I’m not sure if that was the store’s policy or just a kind person working that evening.

I got my food and went and sat down at his table.  He was a little surprised, but moved his stuff and gave me room to sit.  We started making small talk.   I found out his name was Jay and that he was 52 years old.  And, that he slept near a dumpster by Lowe’s.  A short time later I asked him if he was a vet.  “Yea,” he said.  “Vietnam.”  I thought a minute and realized that was an incorrect statement.  “You were too young for Vietnam,” I said.  “They drafted me right out of the eighth grade,” he stated.  “They were looking for a Rambo type and I was it.”

I realized that Jay might be having some problems, but I didn’t push it.  We kept talking and he told me he had to get to Reno because his Tiffany jewelry was locked in a vault and they had taken his key.  It became obvious that Jay was having some mental problems.  We talked a little more and he told me he was a computer security expert and was looking for work.  “Did you know,” he said, “that all of the computer knowledge in the world is kept in a warehouse in Estonia.”

That was the key.  Estonia.  He could have said almost any other country and it might be possible – – but Estonia?

It was time for me to leave.   “Have to go,” I said.  “Got to get to my meeting.”

“Thanks,” he said, as I walked out the door.

He wasn’t threatening and I never felt like he might lose control, but – – it was an experience you seldom have. Besides, I got to see the charity of one of our fast food restaurants.  It was an interesting meal.

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