Lawn Chairs

September 10th, 2018 by Ken

Jan and I have been doing a lot of sitting out doors this summer.   The weather just seemed to require that we leave the interior of the house and venture outside.

For the occasion we bought six new lawn chairs.  Not the really good kind that you buy in an outdoor store for hundreds of dollars, but good enough chairs that we actually purchased at Costco.

We have them placed strategically around the yard.  Two of them sit facing the East where we can get the morning sun.   Here we start the morning with coffee, the newspaper (Jan gets hers on-line) and conversation.

As the day wears on and the sun gets a little too hot, we move to the two chairs we have under our large Cherry Tree.  It blocks most of the sun and gives us a different view of our yard.   We usually sit in these chairs after having done some household chore  like washing the dishes or vacuuming the floors.  A cool drink often helps us to relax and enjoy our conversation.

In the evening, when things have calmed down we sit in our lawn chairs on our patio, facing west and watch the sun go down.  These happen to be rocking type chairs and we rock as we share the highlights of our day.   We stay there until we run out of highlights, or it gets a little to chilly for one of us.

There’s nothing like good lawn chairs to help put a day into perspective.


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