Odds and ends

July 2nd, 2018 by Ken

The Olympia School District is going out for bids on renovation of the old Daily Olympian building as the location for its new district office.   Bids will be go out later this month.   Engineer’s estimate of cost for making the facility into a district office is $3.3 million.

Intercity Transit is just one of several government agencies thinking about about asking voters for more money.  Those who run 911 dispatch are seeking more money, local school districts are also looking at bond issues in the near future and our city governments are eyeing addition financial support for various projects.

For more than four decades, planners have been touting the benefit of “walkable communities.”  Almost every local comprehensive plan dealing with development, calls for “walkable communities”.    These usually call for wider sidewalks, narrower streets, trees and plants along right-of-way and constructing buildings up to the street line.  Two things are often missing in these plans however – – interesting views along the walkway and someplace to go when they get there.

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