A solution to Olympia’s problem?

June 11th, 2018 by Ken

A recent editorial in The Olympian again expressed the opinion that homelessness was a regional problem, and that Lacey and Tumwater should do more to help the City of Olympia out of its current situation of being overrun by those seeking a place to live and help with their respective problems.

I recently received this letter addressing the problem Olympia has created for itself.

“We have all been raised to look for the big sale, the discount, the something for free – or as cheap as you can get it.   The best example is the sale at the grocery store.   People bring in their coupons to get the best price.  The same goes for every income level.   The only difference is in what the items are.

“When you offer housing at a discount, people will swarm to it.  When it becomes known that it will be free – – the lines start early, even months ahead.  Word gets out.   In the meantime the growing lines of the poor dot the area with tarps and tents waiting to hear where and when the line starts to get those discounts – or even better,  free stuff.  At the same time, when you say there is an expectation, a trade a barter for the service item, people will do that too.  We have always lived our lives bartering for things.

“Maybe we should put the word out that his free housing requires some type of self-improvement activity.  School, work, rehab, counseling, volunteering  – – just do something.   Giving away housing isn’t cheap or effective in helping those who find themselves homeless for whatever reason.  Bartering to do things that can improve their lives, makes a lot of sense.”


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