Northeast Lacey to get new bus routes

May 24th, 2018 by Ken

Intercity Transit Commission is considering a proposal to bring bus service to Northeast Lacey.

As currently proposed, the transit system would extend bus routes to the north of I-5, using Meridian Road.  The route would go to Willamette Drive, to the new businesses along Marvin Road and back across the freeway with stops at Walmart before getting back on Martin Way.

To do this, the transit system is eliminating eight bus stops on Martin Way and adding ten new stops some north of I-5.

Transit officials say this change will not result in an increase in costs but will be made up by making changes in existing routes.

Extending bus service north of I-5 was a campaign issue in the recent  Lacey city council election.  Carolyn Cox won that election and was appointed as Lacey’s representative to the transit commission.  She should receive some recognition for the new bus service.  With the population and business growth in the Gateway area, more service will be needed in the near future.  But, to gain the recognition of the transit commission that Lacey needed more bus service is an accomplishment.

The Transit Commission has  held a public hearing on these changes of service and others.  There will be a public meeting on those changes on May 30 at the Lacey library.  The commission hopes to approve the new changes and route schedules at its July 18 meeting and make them effective on September 23.

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