Same old stuff for Depot sub-area plan

May 22nd, 2018 by Ken

The City of Lacey released its sub area plan for the Depot District Tuesday evening and I came away disappointed in the lack of new ideas.

I’ve been to dozens of planning meetings over the last 40 years.   They all have the same things in common.

They all want to reduce the size of traffic lanes, build larger sidewalks, plant more street trees, make the area more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, adopt new building standards establish building frontage requirements, reduce parking availability – – and the list goes on and on.  Forty years and all the planners can come up with are the same old suggestions we’ve been getting since the 1970’s.

For this plan, I was hoping for some new ideas, some new concepts, something to make the area stand out along with its new museum.  Perhaps widen the Karen Fraser Woodland Trail along Pacific Avenue.  Separate walkers and bikers.  Give space to new transportation possibilities along the trail.  Put in more benches, better landscaping, create an attractive environment along the trail that people will want to visit – – and linger.   Add lemonade stands, umbrella pots and maybe a covered area to hold a picnic.  That’s the type of development I was hoping would come from this plan. Something to attract people and something they could be proud of.

All we got was the same old stuff.  The planners should be ashamed of themselves for their off-the-rack thinking.

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