An all-American cruise

April 29th, 2018 by Ken

Thirteen years ago, the Norwegian Cruise Line started its Hawaiian Island cruise – a seven-day tour around the islands which make up the Hawaiian chain.

The ship they chose to make the journey was called “The Pride of America” and its crew was to be all Americans, from the top to the bottom of the employment scale.

“It’ll never work”  the cruise critics cried.  Americans won’t work that hard.  They won’t do the menial services required of a cruise ship crew.   Most cruise lines hired staff from third world countries, who were happy to do the hard work of serving those with money and ability to pay for a cruise.

Now, more than a decade later, the cruise continues to be a big hit with tourists and the crew is still composed primarily of Americans.

The ship “The Pride of America” is all-American.  It’s restaurants and rooms are named after American icons.  It’s walls are graced with typical American sights – New England woods, Las Vegas lights, New Orleans jazz, Hollywood glamour – -and for the most part, its food service is all-American fare as well, encompassing the many ethnic cuisines which now have an American flavor.

Coming away with a greater pride in being American isn’t the reason to take the Hawaiian island tour, but it does help to create a feeling that there’s still something special about being an American.

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