February 28th, 2018 by Ken

We all knew it would happen.  The agreement by the Washington State Legislature to meet the State Supreme Court’s ruling on fully funding education – has drawn the ire of local school superintendents  In an editorial recently all three local school superintendents have cried that state funding will significantly curtail their abilities to determine priorities for their respective districts.   The new law limits the amount of local levy money each can ask from local voters and also spells out just what they can spend that local money on.  Anybody with any brains at all could have told these superintendents that once the state funds education – they make the rules and local control goes out the windows.

Speaking of education.   I agree with the common wisdom that declaring a school a “Gun Free Zone” only makes it a soft target. Three years ago, voters in the Lacey area approved more than a $100 million in new construction funds for schools.  Some of that money was to be used to make schools safer.  It would be nice to know if that happened.  All schools should have bullet-proof windows to the outside, and all classrooms should have interior locks so teachers can lock the doors to their classrooms.

Word has it that the California Democratic Party has refused to endorse incumbent US Senator Diane Feinstein for re-election.   It’s not because the senator is 84.   It’s because she’s not liberal enough even for California.  It’s similar to what the local Democratic Party did to Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby and Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder recently.  The far left is cleaning house and getting rid of those who don’t toe the new party line.

The City of Lacey is getting serious about constructing the College Street and 22nd Avenue roundabout.  Actual work should start on the roundabout very soon.  I’m still of the opinion that the roundabout is not needed, but I’m not in any position to change anyone’s mind.  I also think that the city and the school district doesn’t have any idea how disruptive the actual construction will be.  I hope I’m wrong.   I hope they have planned for the problems the construction will create and have a plan in hand to soften the blow.

“The Olympian’s” move to downtown Olympia is just the next step in the eventual demise of the printed edition of  “The Olympian”.  Those with more knowledge than I, think the printed edition of the newspaper will be gone by 2020 (that’s three years).  The on-line edition will continue.  If any printed edition is forthcoming it will be as a sub-set and folded into “The (Tacoma) News Tribune.

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