Like the cat

December 4th, 2017 by Ken

We got a cat

An indoors cat

Her world is confined to the house

to those rooms which we let her enter.

It’s a small world

but she makes the most of it.

Snooping in the corners,

climbing on top of everything

Anything new in the house is met with her attention.

Around it, on top of it, inside it – when she can

She notes when anything is different in her world.

I guess I’m kind of like the cat

Except my world is a little larger.

I note when something is different in my world.

Then, like the cat, I climb on top of it, go around it and climb inside of it.

Except I do it with my mind, with my attention to detail, with my sense of curiosity – just like the cat

Except my world’s a little bigger.

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