Politics isn’t local anymore

November 10th, 2017 by Ken

The old saying, that all politics is local, is not true anymore.

What determines elections at the local, state and national election these days is “The Trump Effect.”

Republicans lost statewide seats for governor and state seats for congress, in many elections around the country that pundits say they should have won.  But its not just state and national elections, the “Trump Effect” also affected county and local elections this year.

In Olympia, at last count two-term councilmember Jannine Roe lost her seat to a more radical opponent.  Moderate Allen Miller lost his race to a similar opponent.

In the Port of Olympia race, longtime incumbent Bill McGregor barely squeaked by to re-election, while EJ Zita trounced her moderate opponent Gigi McClure.

And, of course, in my race for the Lacey City Council , I  lost to Carolyn Cox by a significant margin.

I should have seen it coming.  I doorbelled more than 1200 homes in Lacey.  Not many people asked questions, but those that did had one question they almost always asked – – “Are you a Republican or Democrat” and “Did you vote for Trump?”

Politics isn’t local anymore.


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