Lacey Fire District needs better advice

November 8th, 2017 by Ken

(Editor’s note:  Last minute counts show that the  Fire District validated its needed 40 percent by 136 votes)

This is for Jim)

So, the Lacey Fire District decided to put its nearly $20 million dollar bond issue on the recent General Election ballot knowing that voters in the district almost always support more money for the heroes that save their lives on a daily basis.

However, they either forgot, nor had no concern over the fact, that bond issues, other than with schools, require a voter turnout percentage of more than 40 percent. to validate the bonds.    They got around 30 percent turnout.  The bond issue failed to be ratified.

Who were their political strategists?   They would have told the district that you don’t put up a bond issue that needs a 40 percent turnout from the last general election, when that general election is a presidential election.  Presidential elections always have the largest turnout of voters, making the 40 percent thresh hold difficult to overcome.

I suspect district leaders wanted to save a little money by running the bond issue with other local jurisdictions.  They saved a few thousand dollars in cost.   But, they failed.  And now they have to run the ballot measure again – – next year.  But, this time they only have to get 40 percent of the average 30 percent turnout of this general election.

It’s sure to pass next year, but now they have to pay all of the cost of the election themselves.   Lacey fire commissioners need better advisors – or need to listen to them.

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